Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy clipping.

Today I got payed to take smoked sausage out of the store. <----You heard right. This was really exciting for me. I have been researching on how to coupon so I feel like my hard work is finally starting to pay off. Does anyone else watch the show on TLC called 'Extreme Couponing'? There's a new one on every Wednesday night and it really motivates me to save money. I am learning a lot about being a money saving mom so I'll share a few tips that I've picked up about couponing.

1. It pays to know your stores coupon policy.
2. Try to find a store that doubles your coupons. (There's aren't any in Michigan yet... I'm working on it).
3. Some store will give you money off for bringing in your own grocery bags.
4. Buy a newpaper or two or three or four on Sundays for the coupons OR an even better idea is to ask your friends and family who don't use coupons if they'd give them to you.
5. Match up coupons with sales to get the lowest possible price.
6. E-mail manufacterors asking for coupons since you buy their product a lot anyways.
7. Some store have special perks like CVS has Extra Bucks and Meijer has mPerks so get involved.
And last but probably most importantly...

I'm having so much fun with this. To find other coupons go online to Coupon Mom and Shop at Home. Those are the two websites that I've found most helpful so far. This really works and if you think about it, coupons are like money so get clipping.

On another note: finished those bracelets! I made 30 of them. I hope the kids enjoy them... I had a wonderful time making them. I felt like I was a kid again... Marie (my sister) and I use to make these all the time except a little differently. We'd also make pot holders. Well here's the finished product...

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  1. That show blows my mind, seriously!!

    I need to start working on my couponing. And the bracelets are very cute, I'm sure they'll love them.