Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting there.

I would love it if eventually my home was organized and decorated all cute. This is my dream and I know once we buy our own home and I feel like we're going to stay put for a while I will be decorating and creating things for my home like crazy! For now I look at pictures of other peoples homes and droole and dream. We'll get there and when we do the girls will be old enough that I can put "pretties" out and not worry about it getting broken. Kylie is crawling everywhere and soon will be pulling herself up on everything... I remember this stage like it was yesterday with Mya. I even had to get rid of my coffee table because it was a hazard. --> up side: more space in my living room. (Trying to look at the positives.) The day when toys are not covering every inch of floor will come, but by then I'm sure I'll have baby fever. lol. I'm sure someday, hopefully someday soon, I'll get around to all those projects I've been working on... Preject Life, the girl's scrapbooks, the lamp made from a metal bucket, and the frame with chicken wire as backing so I can hang my pictures! Hey, if I'm going to dream I'm going to dream big!