Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Time is Here.

I love this time of year! People tend to give more this time of year. I want my girls to grow up and know what it is to be a giver. Not just at this time of year but all year round. You see that someone has a need and you help with a joyful heart. Simple as that. What are you doing to help someone in need this holiday? This year we participated in the giving tree at church. So fun to shop for other people. Toys for Tots is always a fun one for kids too.
My other favorite part of Christmas is the lights! Tonight we went and saw Holiday Road for the first time. The girls loved it. It was a whole neighborhood that was syncronized to holiday music. So cool. The neighborhood does it every year and asked for donations for different cherities. This year they are giving to the special olymipics. How cool. Mya didn't want to go home. She kept saying, "More songs!" I think I may want to make that trip a tradition!

Well everyone have a wonderful rest of the week.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A new edition.

We are having another baby. This will make baby #3. It's funny how people are comparing us to the Duggars when we are no where near 19 kids. lol. We're excited and can't wait to meet our newest edition. Our due date is on June 30th. A summer baby? I'm a little bit nerveous to be pregnant in the heat but if other woman can do it I'm sure I'll survive. =)

It was weird because this time I knew I was pregnant right away. I told Marcus that I was pregnant a week after we got pregnant. I took a test to be sure of course and I was right! Well that is my big news.
I hope everyone has a good weekend. God bless.