Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coupon Mountain.

Had such a fun day of couponing. I went to coupon mountain twice today. (We call it coupon mountain because we do not want to give away the location.) It was so much fun though. the kids had a blast sliding down the hill and throwing papers everywhere. After we came home and clipped coupons, my sister and her family came over for the evening. Marie and I decided to use our coupons at Walgreens tonight... she had never couponed before and after tonight she is completely hooked. She got $80 worth of product for $16. And I got $28 worth of product for $4. What a blast today was. I feel blessed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life lately.

So I've been gone a lot because I got a job. I work at Walgreens where I can maximize my savings. lol. I'm really enjoying it. The people are nice and it's good for me to get out to of the house. Marcus has been doing such a great job taking care of the girls but I seriously miss being with them 24/7. This weekend I have my first 5K. I'm super stoked and nervous. Marcus will be running it with me so I'll have him to push me. Oh and my cousins Rachel and Jeremy, and my brother-in-law Brandon are going to run the same 5K. I hope I can keep up. Wish me the best. Have an awesome week everyone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To-do list.

What's on your to-do list?

Amanda's to-do list:

Clean out car.
Get the girl's clothes organized.
Decorate the house.
Organize the basement.

This list has been taunting me for some time now and it's so hard to tackle these things when it's so nice out. I feel taking Mya swimming, going to the playground, couponing, and scrapbooking are better, more fun options. However, I will do these things with a smile on my face. I just can't wait until they're done and no longer holding me back from doing the things I really enjoy doing.

Everyone have a wonderful hump day.