Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coupon Mountain.

Had such a fun day of couponing. I went to coupon mountain twice today. (We call it coupon mountain because we do not want to give away the location.) It was so much fun though. the kids had a blast sliding down the hill and throwing papers everywhere. After we came home and clipped coupons, my sister and her family came over for the evening. Marie and I decided to use our coupons at Walgreens tonight... she had never couponed before and after tonight she is completely hooked. She got $80 worth of product for $16. And I got $28 worth of product for $4. What a blast today was. I feel blessed.

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  1. Hey lady, I just went on my first haul today! So much fun to see the savings in the end! Cant wait till this comming sunday. for my first grocery haul! Thanks for all your help! Im so extatic about my savings! ps.
    Walgreens has tin foil on sale, and there is a coupon too for it comes to .69c i bought 5 they also have the same deal for envelopes the small size box of 100 for .69c i bought 3 so i can finish my coupon orginizing box. I ended up making a small starter list, then finding so much more on sale at walgreens that i had coupons for! I also went to Dollar General, and got some GREAT deals on body wash, and razors, I didnt beat your .79c razor deal, but i got $10 razors for $1.50! so dont forget about dollar general, b.c they do accept coupons!