Friday, August 19, 2011


The house is quiet this morning. It feels strange. It makes me think of what life will be after all the kids move out. Somedays, I'll be honest, I can't wait for that day to come. (Those are the days I usually call up my mom and bag her to take the girls and don't give them back until they are under control. lol) Other days, which is most days, I'll think I will miss them and miss hearing them laugh, cry, needing me, hugging me, and all the other little things we do together as a family on a daily basis. I feel so blessed to have married my best friend and know that we can make it through anything, and the beautiful babies we created just add to the happiness I feel when I think about my life. I can smile. A smile seems so simple but there is power in it! It can brighten someone's day, or make someone who is crying feel better, or build a connection. So smile about your life because everything works out in the end. When it seems real hard and you don't see an end to the madness, someday you'll look back and be happy that you had that experience because I bet you learned something about yourself you never knew. I know I do. So find something that makes you happy and hold onto it during the ups and downs... you'll need it to see some calm in the storm. For me it's Jesus. I cling to him at all times. He brings peace and understanding in my life. What brings you joy?

I hope everyone has an awesome day.

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