Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wall decore.

About a month ago I blogged about how I dream of organizing and decorating my home! Well I did some of that today! I'm so excited. I had a bare wall earlier today and when I went to spend my gift card from my mother-in-law today at Hobby Lobby I decided I would spend it on decorations. Best decision! I love my new wall. Please don't mind the baby hand prints on the mirror. lol. Kylie was looking at herself right before I hung it up.

I have a Close To My Heart party tomorrow so I'm excited for my family and friends to see the new look. Oh and of course I got deals on all this stuff. I brought coupons so the mirror, bird, and 2 letters were $26.00. What a steal. Well I better go clean that mirror now. Have a blessed day readers.

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